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About Pragma Medical Institute

Choose Pragma Medical Institute - Where Healthcare Meets Humanity.

Where Vision Transcends into Healthcare Excellence

In the heart of Punjab's Malwa region, a healthcare legacy was born – Pragma Medical Institute. Derived from the ethos of a "Pragmatic Approach," our journey commenced in 2007 with the establishment of Pragma Hospital. This was a pivotal moment, with a grand vision to unite multiple specialties under one roof. Pragma Hospital pioneered a revolutionary concept - offering diverse super specialties, transparent billing, patient-tailored diets, and nursing services by trained & qualified Staff.

A Tale of Two Realities: Indian Healthcare

In India, the healthcare landscape is a paradox, Affordable treatment is lacking, deficient manpower, long waiting times, and are often overcrowded. On the other end of the spectrum, corporate hospitals tend to be expensive, marked by overcharges, and sometimes marred by unethical practice. The International standard treatments are very high in cost and patients need to commute to big cities.

From Vision to Reality: Pragma's Growth

Pragma's growth has been nothing short of spectacular. From those humble beginnings, it has now expanded into a 350-bed 'State of Art' hospital, matching international standards. Covering an expansive area of 4,50,000 square feet, it provides a vast array of medical, surgical, and super specialities. This includes cancer and radiation oncology services, supported by ultramodern infrastructure and industry-leading medical equipment.

Creating Quality Manpower

But we don't stop at healthcare; we aim to shape the future of healthcare professionals. Our vision includes the creation of a skilled workforce of nurses, paramedical staff, and doctors.

Legacy of Excellence

After being the pioneer of "Super speciality care under one roof" in Malwa in 2007, Pragma has now blossomed into a 350-bed 'State of Art' hospital. We measure up to international standards with 4,50,000 square feet of covered space, offering a wide range of medical, surgical, and super specialties.
Our cancer and radiation oncology services are unparalleled, supported by ultramodern infrastructure and industry-leading medical equipment. Our commitment to human values, compassion, and ethics creates a holistic environment for patients and their families.

Meet Our Specialist

At Pragma Medical Institute we are passionately committed to providing you with the best healthcare by bringing
together India’s finest and best-trained doctors from across the country.

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